This is what the panels were.

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Streams usually happen around midnight PST. I'm playing WoW solo, not raiding, not arenas. I try to minimize "dead air" as much as possible with commentary.

"It's just me or it's free" guarantee:

There are no guildmates on voice comms, no discord chat, no extra voices.

Volume promise: No yelling or shouting

If you want extra hype, there are plenty of other options available. What I'm offering is an even, calm, solo narration. No kids, no cops, no drama.

All my characters are in solo guilds on US-Smolderthorn: Foxy Little Dead Chicks on the Horde side, and Foxy Little Live Chicks on the Alliance side.

Just can't get enough?


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Facebook - Facebook is for your parents.

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Please note: I don't use social media to talk about Twitch or video games. It's infrequent posts that I think are funny and pictures of my cats (when they're feeling cut

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